Monday, November 30, 2009

Artisanal Gold Mining

Here are two things related to my projects with Artisanal Gold Mining in Nicaragua.

Below is a video I made that describes the artisanal gold mining process using mercury-gold amalgamation in the Mining Triangle, Nicaragua.

Here is a document I wrote based on the work of Marcello Veiga that describes in Spanish some of the ways to reduce the risks of working with mercury in the artisanal gold mining process. I made this document as part of a project with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center I am working on investigating the potential ototoxic effects of mercury on hearing among gold miners in Nicaragua.

¿Cómo Reducir Los Riesgos Del Mercurio? (How do I reduce the risks of mercury?)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Old Newsreel from Mining Triangle, Nicaragua

Paramount News Newsreel describing jet plane transportation to the gold mining town of Siuna, Nicaragua. Includes Spanish subtitles. Thanks to SPPN Images for finding this footage.

Released December 13, 1946 

Music at the La Luz Mine, Nicaragua

This is a short video I made during my Fulbright Grant in January 2009 about music in the gold mining town of Siuna, Nicaragua.

The New Braceros: Mexican Dairy Workers in Vermont

Here is my honors thesis in Latin American & Caribbean Studies at Dartmouth College from 2008 about undocumented Mexicans working on dairy workers in Vermont.
The New Braceros: Mexican Dairy Workers in Vermont